Ethics and Professionalism in Ophthalmology

Meeting:  2013 RANZCO


Date: 06 Nov 2013

Session Title: SYMPOSIUM

Session Time: 8:30 am - 10:00 am

This 90 minutes seminar will feature six different Ophthalmologists, whom will discussa range of contemporary ethical and professional con?icts that confront all of us, in the changingworld that is modern private practice ophthalmology.

Speakers & Topics:
Dr Alex Hunyor Jr: The Ethics of Interactions with Third Party Players
Dr Stephen Best: The College Code Of Conduct
Dr Arthur Karagiannis: Some Perspectives From The Desk of the Immediate Past President of theASO
Dr Richard Stawell: Interactions with Industry – considerations in relation to awarding scholarships
Dr Clayton Barnes: Advertising
Dr Robert Grif?ts: Ethical Considerations in Cataract Surgery