Anterior Segment Ocular Trauma Surgery – Using All the Reserves

Meeting:  2012 RANZCO


Date: 26 Nov 2012

Session Title: SYMPOSIUM

Session Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

This symposium is aimed at the general ophthalmologist who encounters acute trauma or is involved in the secondary management of anterior segment trauma. The risks of ocular trauma and how ophthalmologists may intervene in injury avoidance will be highlighted in a review of relevant epidemiology. Primary management of chemical injuries and penetrating trauma will be particularly highlighted and discussed in the light of the evidence base for best practice. The care of complicating issues such as elevated IOP and best management of paediatric vision issues will be considered in respect to surgical and non-surgical management. Secondary interventions in restoring or replacing anterior segment components including keratoprosthesis will also be covered.

Speakers and Topics:
Dr Peter Zloty – Epidemiology – the Ocular Dangers of Day and Night
Dr David Lockington – Chemical and Thermal Burns – Handle with Care
Dr Sue Ormonde – Penetrating Trauma – Fixing It First Time
Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer – Too High to Handle – Managing Acute and Chronic Glaucoma Professor Charles McGhee – Secondary Repair – Replacing Damaged Parts
Dr Rasha Al Taie – Special Considerations in Paediatric Injuries
Professor Michael Belin – When All Else Fails – the Role of Keratoprostheses
All speakers – Discussion