ANZGS symposium 2019: when worlds collide – approaching glaucoma from a different perspective (part 2)

Prof Keith Martin – JRA, HLA‐B27, role of trabeculectomy/MIGS/GDD Dr Richard Symes – Diabetic retinopathy/CRVO and NVG, ocular ischaemic syndrome, IVI pressure spikes Prof Timothy Sullivan – Tight orbits, thyroid eye disease, floppy eyelid syndrome, orbital fractures A/Prof Graham Lee – ICE syndrome, blunt trauma/cleft/hypotony, tube endothelial decompensation, corneal transplantation in glaucoma patients Dr Ridia Lim – Summary

Meeting:  2019 RANZCO


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Session Title: SYMPOSIUM

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Synopsis: Glaucoma is encountered in many aspects of ophthalmology. Indeed it is often the end‐stage of many disease states. Both medical and surgical aspects of glaucoma touch on other sub‐specialties. The aim of this symposium is to approach glaucoma from the perspective of experts in other fields.