Coloboma lens – Chronology of events over seven years after phacoemulsification

Sunil K. Thangaraj, Geoffrey Cohn

Meeting:  2022 RANZCO


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Session Title: CATARACT

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This is a rare case of a 35 year old woman who presented with bilateral inferior coloboma of the lens with significant nuclear sclerosis about seven years ago.
She underwent phaco with a foldable intraocular lens (IOL) and capsular tension ring implant in the right eye. At the end of the surgery the IOL was centred well and she presented seven years later with a superior subluxation of the
IOL bag complex for which an anchor suture was placed. She also underwent a similar procedure of phaco with CTR in the fellow eye as well seven years ago but this had no similar complication to date. The video however only depicts the right eye surgery.