Marlene R Moster, MD

Meeting:  2018 RANZCO


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Session Title: Invited Speakers

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Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. It has been estimated that by 2020 there will be approximately 80 million people with glau- coma, an increase of about 20 million since 2010 (World Health Organization data, 2018). Further- more, it is thought that at present over 8 million people are bilaterally blind due to glaucoma, a fig- ure that is set to rise to over 11 million by 2020 with the increasing prevalence, unless improved screen- ing and effective treatment strategies are successful. The MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) revolution may play a positive role in treating glau- coma at an earlier stage as the surgery may afford less risk with acceptable efficacy. However, even with easier access to these miniature shunts or devices, it is still difficult to know what the individ- ual’s pressure is at different times of the day which is critical to controlling this disease. What happens to the intraocular pressure at night, with exercise and with different medications? An answer to this dilemma is to surgically place and intraocular sensor in the eye to monitor the IOP and finally answer the question “What really is my intraocular pressure?”. This lecture will focus on the evolution of intraocu- lar pressure monitoring and how sensors will affect the way we practice ophthalmology in the near future.

Brief Curriculum Vitae:
Marlene Moster MD is an attending glaucoma sur- geon at Wills Eye Hospital and Professor of Oph- thalmology at Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. Her research interests include pharmacologic advancements in the treat- ment of glaucoma and surgical interventions to min- imize risk and improve outcomes of glaucoma surgery, with particular interest in newer devices.Dr Moster has authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications, many chapters in ophthalmology text- books and has edited a book on Anesthesia in Ophthalmology.
She is committed to teaching and has trained hun- dreds of residents and 109 clinical fellows. She has served on the Glaucoma day committee for ASCRS and the board of the American Glaucoma Society.
Dr Moster has been listed in Best Doctors in Amer- ica and “Top Doctors” in the Philadelphia area for many years. She has been invited to lecture nation- ally and internationally on surgical and medical treatment of glaucoma, including named lectures at the AGS and ASCRS.