In the Eye of the Beholder: Quality Improvement through Conscious Deci- sion-Making

Dr Genevieve Oliver and Dr Suki Sandhu

Meeting:  2018 RANZCO


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Session Title: COURSE

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Aim: The aim of this course is to enable you to make better decisions by becoming more aware of your implicit, or unconscious bias. Empiric research demonstrates that bias creates blind spots, lead- ing to worse outcomes in businesses and organizations through poor decision-making. It is difficult to completely eliminate bias, however steps can be taken within the decision-making process to minimize its effect. Deb Assheton of Symmetra, a management consulting firm, and will present a 90-minute course on ways to unlock your business and career potential though better decision-mak- ing. Having interviewed RANZCO fellows to understand the decisions they face each day, the course will be contextualized for the profession. Come prepared to engage in the conversation.