Lower Eyelid Reconstruction utilising Rapid Intra-operative Tissue Expansion techniques

Scott Teske

Meeting:  2015 RANZCO


Date:      -

Session Title: Oculoplastic/Refractive Surgery/Cataract Rapid Fire

Session Time:      -

Purpose : A novel technique of full thickness lower eyelid reconstruction is presented whereby an anterior lamella myocutaneous flap is created after rapid intra-operative tissue expansion and then placed over a posterior lamella graft.

Method : A retrospective case review of 150 cases

Results : This new technique has resulted in a success rate of 98% with enhanced speed of rehabilitation and cosmesis compared to standard published techniques, such that it is now the author’s preferred method of reconstruction for lower eyelid defects roughly greater than one third of the eyelid.

Conclusion : The rapid rehabilitation and enhanced cosmesis provided by this technique justify its place in the reconstructive options for patients with significant lower eyelids defects.