Near, intermediate and distance visual and refractive outcome of Trifocal Intraocular Lens Implantation

Michael Goggin

Meeting:  2015 RANZCO


Date:      -

Session Title: Poster

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Purpose: To evaluate postoperative refractive outcome and photopic and mesopic contrast sensitivity after bilateral implantation of Carl Zeiss Meditec trifocal IOLs (AT Lisa TRI 839MP).

Methods: 42 eyes in 22 had bilateral refractive lens exchange and multifocal diffractive IOL (AT Lisa tri 839 MP) implantation. The main outcome measures were uncorrected distance (UDVA) and corrected distance (CDVA), intermediate, and near visual acuities at 6 weeks using a logMAR chart appropriate for each distance. The secondary outcome includes the measurement of the photopic and mesopic contrast sensitivity (OPTEC 6500).

Results: Mean unaided distance acuity was 0.04 logMAR (SD 0.14) for individual eyes and -0.05 logMAR (SD 0.12) binocularly. DCVAs were -0.06 (SD 0.11) and -0.12 (SD 0.1), respectively.

Mean unaided intermediate acuity was 0.16 logMAR (SD 0.11) for individual eyes and 0.05 logMAR (SD 0.09) binocularly.†† DCVAs were 0.11 (SD 0.09) and 0.04 (SD 0.09), respectively.

Mean unaided near acuity was 0.26 logMAR (SD 0.14) for individual eyes and 0.22 logMAR (SD 0.14) binocularly.†† DCVAs were -0.19 (SD 0.11) and 0.13 (SD 0.1), respectively.

Mean SE post-operatively was 0.0016D (SD 0.40).

Photopic and Mesopic contrast sensitivity result will be presented.

Conclusion: Most reading material is printed close to the size equivalent to logMAR 0.5 (6/19 distance Snellen equivalent) at 40cm. Mean unaided acuity in these eyes was considerably in excess of this at this distance. Binocular function was in excess of monocular at all distances confirming the preference for binocular implantation of these devices.