Ophthalmology in the Future

A/Prof Nitin Verma AM and A/Prof Clare Fraser, Dr David Andrews, Dr Peter Van Wijngaarden , Dr John Downie and Dr Tim Henderson , Dr Justin Mora, Dr Catherine Green AO

Meeting:  2018 RANZCO


Date:      -

Session Title: Plenary: RANZCO

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Synopsis: What will the ophthalmology of the future look like? Drs Nitin Verma and Clare Fra- ser will lead us through an exploration of disruption, innovation and change. The impact of Arti- ficial Intelligence signals the rise of big data rather than Rise of The Machines; what does this mean for the workforce as a whole, for patients and for ophthalmologists? Dr Peter Van Wijn- gaarden explores the opportunities and challenges of the future. Drs Downie and Henderson will present the latest RANZCO referral guidelines on diabetic retinopathy. Finally, Drs Mora and Green will discuss the changing face of the Vocational Training Program, as well as a more who- listic approach to post-vocational education. This is a broad, must-attend, session put together by the RANZCO Board.