Presbyopia unlocked: Why do we have to bother?

Meeting:  2023 RANZCO


Date: 21 Oct 2023


Session Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Aim: The aim is to discuss key points in the day-to-day management of presbyopia for general ophthalmologists relevant to all those who see presbyopic patients wanting cataract surgery or independence from glasses. The speakers will be discussing: Why is presbyopia important?; Why do we need to inform our patients undergoing cataract surgery about various options available whether public or privately insured?; Pros and cons of various options?; How to safely choose from various options and what will be most relevant for whom?; Watchouts for corneal and lenticular options. Each speaker will give their five pearls to the audience regarding surgery optimisation and patient selection.
Synopsis: Presbyopia is a common inevitable condition with increasing prevalence due to growing population with increasing life expectancy. There have been significant developments in the management of presbyopia over the last few years, with relatively satisfactory outcomes. Each one has its own pros and cons and there is no formula to find the right fit! Experience over the years managing presbyopic patients does help. Uncorrected presbyopia can significantly affect patients daily activities and impact negatively on quality of life and productivity. Offering presbyopia solutions to each individual is becoming a necessity rather than a lifestyle choice. We have a great panel of experienced surgeons treating presbyopia with various options and will be discussing in depth as to how they manage their patients in their clinics. What are the things that we need to look for? Why is it important to make patients aware of each option in their age group? Each one will present how they discuss various options with different patients whether in a public or private setting. What are the pearls for general ophthalmologists who would like to start safe presbyopia management in their practice?

Panel: Dr Tanya Trinh, Dr Alison Chiu, Dr Ben Lahood, Dr Chameen Samarawickrama, Dr Jacquie Beltz, Prof Dan Reinstein and Dr Smita Agarwal
Speakers and Topics:
Dr Tanya Trinh – Presbyopia: Why is it important?
Dr Jacqueline Beltz – Various treatment options available
Dr Alison Chiu – How do we discuss options in private setting? Pros and cons of each
Dr Chameen Samarawickrama – Should we be discussing options with our uninsured patients in public or private setting? Pros and cons of each option
Dr Ben Lahood – Lenticular options: How do we choose and watch outs?
Dr Smita Agarwal – Corneal options: How do we choose and watch outs?