Quality of vision questionnaire and patient satisfaction with the Zeiss Trifocal Intraocular Lens (IOL) compared with a Zeiss Monofocal IOL

David Kent

Meeting:  2015 RANZCO


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Session Title: Poster

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To measure quality of vision and monitor instances of visual symptoms such as glare and haloes in patients implanted with the Zeiss trifocal AT LISA tri839 IOL compared to a Zeiss monofocal IOL using a previously validated quality of vision (QoV) questionnaire.


A 30 item QoV and patient satisfaction questionnaire was administered to 36 patients who were bilaterally implanted with Zeiss trifocal (AT LISA tri839MP) IOLs and compared to 16 patients (21 eyes) who received Zeiss monofocal CT Asphina IOLs.

Frequency, severity and bothersome level of 10 visual symptoms were measured at 1 to 12 months post operatively using McAlinden et alís 30 item quality of vision (QoV) questionnaire. We also asked 4 additional patient satisfaction questions.


Significantly higher instances as well as severity and bothersomeness of haloes and starbursts were found in the trifocal patients when compared with monofocal patients. There was no significant difference in incidence, severity of bothersomeness of other visual phenomena and patient satisfaction was similar.


Higher reported instances of halos and starburst occur in patients implanted with the Zeiss AT LISA tri839 trifocal lens when compared to the Zeiss CT Asphina monofocal lens but patient satisfaction is equivalent and the significant improvement to functional uncorrected near vision is significant enough to justify this increased visual disturbances caused by the trifocal IOL.