Rosacea update: What you need to know from lids to optic nerve

Meeting:  2023 RANZCO


Date: 22 Oct 2023


Session Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Aim: This course aims to update ophthalmologists from all subspecialties on this important and common genetic disease of the innate immune system. The aberrant cathelicidin pathway in rosacea has implications for the whole eye, playing a role in lid disease, sight threatening corneal disease and even being an important consideration in scleritis, uveitis, glaucoma and diabetes . Corneal and uveitis specialists will provide ophthalmic perspectives along with illustrative cases, live polling and some important take home messages. A dermatologist will present tips for recognising and classifying facial disease and understanding how and why current therapies work.

Speakers and Topics:
Dr Jo Richards – Uveitis, ocular immunology and infection perspective: Rosacea, a systemic genetic disorder of innate immunity. The aberrant cathelicidin pathway, dysregulation and modulation. Implications for management during perioperative care, in cataract, glaucoma, retinal and uveitis practice. Issues with steroids and rosacea.
Dr Nathan Wong – Cornea perspective: Rosacea affecting lids, conjunctiva and cornea. How to manage cicatricial disease, conjunctivochalasis, corneal melt and neovascularisation. Cross-over conditions. Surgical and medical management tools. Contact lens intolerance in rosacea. Possible implications for cataract surgery.
Dr Joy Yee – Rosacea dermatology perspective: classification, subtypes, differential diagnoses, similar conditions and pitfalls. Established and emerging therapies. The role of the dermatologist.
Case presentations: Dr Jo Richards (glaucoma and uveitis in rosacea), Dr Nathan Wong (cornea), Dr Ehud Zamir (uveitis, scleritis and missed diagnosis) and Dr Verity Moynihan (paediatric)