Study of phacoemulcification without the use of viscoelastic substance

Divya Vakharia

Meeting:  2015 RANZCO


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Session Title: Poster

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PUPPOSE: Phacoemulsification without using viscoelastic substance would be less time consuming and easier. Risk of post-operative increase in intraocular pressure due to left over visco in anterior chamber would be minimised.

METHODS : Pre-operative eye examination including grading of cataract and fundus evaluation of the patients undergoing cataract surgery from january 2015 to march 2015 in Navale Hospital was done. Patients who underwent phacoemulscification with and without the use of visco (balanced salt solution was used) were grouped and compared post-operatively. post-operative intraocular pressure, visual acuity, corneal edema, anterior chamber reaction and other complications on day 1,7 and 28 were noted.

RESULTS : 60 cases were included in the study of which 25 underwent phaco without viscoelastic substance. No statistically significant difference was observed in two groups with respect to post-operative intraocular pressure rise,visual acuity, corneal edema and anterior chamber reaction. Though there was statistically significant corneal edema with increasing age.

CONCLUSION : Phacoemulscification without the use of viscoelastic substance has a learning curve and is safe and holds advantages in expert hands. Though there is no significant difference in two procedures in this study, phacoemulscification without visco is a procedure with a potential.