Surgical technique for glued IOL

Son Chau-Vo

Meeting:  2015 RANZCO


Date:      -

Session Title: Film

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Purpose: to demonstrate the surgical approach to perform scleral fixate IOL using fibrin glue in the absence of posterior capsular support.
Method: A short video summarising the surgical approach for anterior segment surgeon.
Results: Sutureless sclera like fixate 3 piece IOL using fibrin glue is a new technique for posterior chamber IOL implant in the absence of capsular support. Although there is a steep learning surgical curve, this technique provides good visual outcome and has distinct advantages over alternatives such as ACIOL, scleral fixate PCIOL using suture or iris suture PCIOL. This technique can be utilised in most patients irrespective of anterior chamber depth, state of the iris and the presence of glaucoma. the author have performed 4 cases with good anatomical, refractive and visual outcome. It can be employed in aphakic as a secondary IOL implant procedure or can be used to reposition a dislocated 3 piece PCIOL.
Conclusion: Glued PCIOL is a good option for posterior chamber IOL in patients without capsular support. There is an initial learning curve but can be mastered by anterior segment surgeons.