SYMPOSIUM: Closing the Gap in Cataract Surgery for the Long Term

Dr. Ashish Agar, Prof.Angus Turner, Dr.Ben Clark, Dr.Tim Henderson, Prof.Angus Turner, Ms.Caitlin Bradley, Dr.Rowan Porter

Meeting:  2017 RANZCO


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Session Title: Rapid Fire Presentations - Retina

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The gap for vision cannot be closed until cataract surgery outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are equitable with mainstream Australians. Signiftcant progress is being made to close the gap for vision and blindness has been reduced from six times to three times over the past decade (NEHS 2016) and many of the recommendations in the Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision (2012) have been implemented. However cataract remains a leading cause of Indigenous vision loss and cataract surgery rates are much lower than mainstream and waiting times are also much longer. There are barriers of cost, accessibility and utilisation and there is signiftcant regional variability across the country. Ophthalmology has a key role to close the gap for vision and this symposium will explore long term solutions to reduce inequities of cataract blindness.