SYMPOSIUM: Secondary Glaucomas ? Update and How to Deal with Them

Dr.Mark Chaing, Dr.Mitchell Lawlor, Dr.Jennifer Fan Gaskin, Dr.Shenton Chew, Dr.Tom Edwards,

Meeting:  2017 RANZCO


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Session Title: S06 – FREE PAPERS

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Synopsis: This symposium will provide an update on the diagnosis and treatment approaches to a variety of secondary glaucomas. These disorders can often provide a challenge for management with particularly high IOPs and need for more urgent intervention. PXF patients can progress rapidly due to unrecognised loss of IOP control. Neovascular glaucoma has become much easier to manage with anti VEGF injections, but still can require trabeculectomy or tube as the angle is compromised. Trauma can produce a range of pressure issues with hyphema and angle recession combined with potential surgical issues. Uveitis and acute glaucomatocyclitic crises provide different challenges and management approaches, with the issues of longterm steroids complicating management. Finally post-op cataract, grafts or VR surgery can be associated with some challenging scenarios, particularly aqueous misdirection. A panel from ANZGIG will discuss some of the more controversial issues, such as can MIGS be used in any of them?