Updates in Ocular Trauma

A/Prof Nitin Verma AM , Dr Andrea Ang , Dr Antonio Giubilato , Dr Vignesh , Prof Tim Sullivan , Dr Sundaram Natarajan , Dr Rodney , A/Prof Angus Turner , Dr Annette Hoskin

Meeting:  2018 RANZCO


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Session Title: SYMPOSIUM

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Synopsis: Ocular trauma is increasingly becoming a major cause of visual impairment across the globe, ranging from minor to total vision loss. Ocular trauma has a significant long term impact on the individual, health care systems and the society. Ocular trauma has a wide variety of pre- sentation, which can range from a simple corneal abrasion to severe penetrating eye injury. It continues to remain a challenge for the treating ophthalmologist. Timely assessment of ocular injuries and their appropriate management can influence outcome and visual prognosis.
Aim: This symposium would help provide new insights and updates in the comprehensive assessment and management of ocular trauma and its sequelae, across each sub-specialty of ophthalmology.
The symposium would cover topics such as:
1. Introduction to ocular trauma and its classification
2. Management of corneal injuries
3. Traumatic glaucoma
4. Traumatic cataract
5. Orbit and oculoplastic trauma
6. Retinal injuries
7. Paediatric trauma
8. Trauma in the indigenous population
9. Eye injury prevention strategies, policies and procedures, approaches to prescribing and the role of data in policy