What is multi-source feedback and how does it apply to Medical Board of Australia’s professional performance framework: Implications for CPD

Michael Greco

Meeting:  2022 RANZCO


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Purpose: Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) is a workplace- based activity where doctors receive structured feedback on their interpersonal/communication skills and professionalism from patients, peers and co-workers, and it also involves a self-assessment. MSF is highly recommended as part of the Medical Board’s Professional Performance Framework and requirements for their proposed new CPD framework.

Method: A MSF trial was undertaken with a small group of Fellows to determine the impact of receiving such feedback with the emphasis being on both patient and colleague feedback. Each Fellow received feedback from at least 30 patients and 12 colleagues (peers and co- workers). Fellows were provided with comprehensive benchmarked reports and a reflection template to help them better understand their strengths and areas that they may require improvement or changes.

Results: The MSF process was considered by Fellows as a simple and non-burdensome way of receiving meaningful feedback to help shape their professional development. Ratings of Fellows were high on both patient and colleague feedback.

Conclusion: MSF is a feasible way of providing Fellows with structured feedback on their communication and professional skills, therefore demonstrating its usefulness as part of the upcoming new CPD requirements under the Medical Board of Australia’s Professional Performance Framework.